Data Center and Hardware


Our servers are located in U.S and Germany.

We use colo4dallas. We are plugged into 100Mbit port. We own our servers and manage them. KVM is used to manage these servers. If any hardware related problems occur our datacenter will provide remote hands.

The German-based data center we use, located in Frankfurt am Main, provides a reliable, fast and affordable colocation. Very similar to the U.S colocation, just that it is located in Germany. If you are customer from UK, Europe we will put your account there.


Most of our servers are Dell with 2 x 1TB GB SATA II (Software RAID 10) HardDrive and 32GB of RAM.


We really care about our customer's data. We backup each server to our main backup server. And our backup recovery solution allows us to restore the server within 8hours of any unexpected failures.